South Fork Bike Challenge

June 11, 2021 – June 25, 2021 all-day
3466 E. 20th N.
Tobin Restoration
South Fork Bike Challenge @ ONLINE

The South Fork Bike Challenge is a fundraiser for two very good causes: the National Fallen Firefighters Association and the local Humanitarian Center.

The challenge is a two week challenge to get you out of the house, ride your bike and virtually compete with others for some great prizes.

The challenge is very simple.

Go to the South Fork Bike Challenge Facebook Event Page
Pay $10 to join
Get out and ride as much as you can.
You can ride as a family, individually, on the road, on gravel or in the mountains.
After each ride go back to the Facebook page and post your miles, maps if you have them, and pictures so that everyone can see the great rides that you do.
At the end of the two weeks we will be picking the winners based on miles and number of rides.
We will also have some daily prizes to give away so you will want to check daily for the winners of those prizes.
This year we are going to add another means of winning a prize.

We are going to place five tags out in different areas available to all riders. Each day we will be giving clues to the locations of the tags.

*When you find a tag take it to Tobin Restoration, turn it in with your name. At the end of the two weeks we will then draw one of the five tags for a winner of another great prize.

Our goal is to raise money for these two great organizations and to get America out and enjoy the outdoors.