Riverbend Awareness Project

The Riverbend Awareness Project brings you a new conversation each month about important causes and issues in our community. Every month of 2024 we will sit down and have a conversation with a professional from our community about significant issues like heart health, Alzheimer's, literacy, and more. We’ll then share that conversation with you on the Riverbend Awareness Project Podcast, with the goal of sharing resources, and information that will help you have a better understanding of the particular problems, and solutions, associated with each topic.

Episode 6, Part 1 – PTSD Awareness Month

Gunnery Sergeant Delatorre and Sargent Nagl from the US Marines joined us to talk about PTSD and the power of being a true and trustworthy friend to those dealing with this mental health challenge. 

DSTRESS Line (24/7, Anonymous Marine-to-Marine phone and chat support service )

Military One Source

Riverbend Awareness Project
Riverbend Awareness Project
Episode 6, Part 1 - PTSD Awareness Month