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Episode 1 – Blood Donor Awareness Month with Angela Ragan

The Red Cross is widely known as a nonprofit organization often involved with blood donation. And in our very first episode we had the pleasure of talking to Angela Ragan, an account manager for the Idaho Falls Red Cross. Learn how powerful blood donors really are and why constant, and consistent blood donations are so vital.

For resources mentioned in the episode see the links below.

Donating Blood With The Red Cross
Red Crosses Blood Donor App
Common Blood Donation Concerns 
Statistic About National Blood donor month

Riverbend Awareness Project
Riverbend Awareness Project
Episode 1 - Blood Donor Awareness Month with Angela Ragan

Episode 4 – Autism Acceptance Month

Tiffany Klauba and Whitney Ryan, Ph.D., of the Autism Society of Idaho joined us all the way from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, via video called, and shared with us how daily life can differ for individuals with Autism, and what we can do to make our world more inclusive and accepting. This episode is sponsored by Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.¬†


Autism Society of Idaho
Social Thinking
Unstuck and On Target