23rd POW*MIA Awareness Rally & Motorcycle Rodeo

July 29, 2023 @ 9:00 am
Power County Fairgrounds
American Falls
POW*MIA Awareness Association

POW*MIA Awareness Association Awareness Rally and Motorcycle Rodeo

The Pocatello POW*MIA Awareness Association is proud to announce the 23rd Annual Awareness Rally & Motorcycle Rodeo, July 29, 2023 at the Power County Fairgrounds, on Fairgrounds Road, American Falls, ID 83211.

We are a 501c(3) dedicated to the financial support & public awareness of the Prisoners of War and Missing In Action (POW*MIA) issue, the Veterans Home in Pocatello, ID and charities in the local communities that need our support.

We are guided by the principals of freedom, sacrifice, liberty and brotherhood to ensure that we accomplish our mission and focus on the issue at hand.

Please join us as our tradition continues at our 23rd Annual event. You are promised a good time, including our flagship event, a Motorcycle Rodeo, vendors, tribute ceremony, food, raffle prizes and much more.

Come enjoy the camaraderie of Veterans, the joy of patriotism and the Spirit of Freedom we have as Americans.

Everyone is invited to join us at our family friendly event as we move forward in our endeavor to fulfill our mission.

We are seeking sponsorships and volunteers for our overall event. Any and all contributions are appreciated and will be recognized. To make a donation, visit our website www.powmiarodeo.org/donate.

Please see our attached full mission statement and visit us at for more information:


We strive to ensure the fullest possible accounting of our unreturned veterans.

“Never Forget”