The Bootlegger’s Grave Haunted Cave

September 23, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – October 30, 2021 @ 9:30 pm
The Bootlegger's Grave Haunted Cave
424 Main St
ID 83423
Allyn May / Bonnie Stoddard / Sheree Farr / Brett Murdock / Rod & Kriss Williams
The Bootlegger's Grave Haunted Cave @ The Bootlegger's Grave Haunted Cave

We do not have much time! We encourage that you look into this nefarious Bootlegger and all his aliases, on your way out to join us for an epic night. We have added links to news stories and videos, click here. For now, we will provide you with a brief and gruesome timeline.

Much of this story has been stitched together, leaving important details at the mercy of a few dark, brilliant and curious minds, whom sacrificed much to pursue the truth.

In 1916, bootlegging was as common as farming in rural America. Our story begins in Dubois, ID, where spring rains have just washed away the treacherous sins of this rural towns, dark and cold winters. A reported counterfeiter & bootlegger, roaming the untamed parts of Idaho, changing his name from town to town, seemed to have went stark mad. He severely bashed in the head of his wife with an axe, “hacked into pieces”, according to a journalist at the time. She was discovered by their son, next to the tent they lived in, right in the middle of town. The bootlegger had been in the Dubois area “doing odd end jobs around the railroad yards”. The events that lead up to this horrific act, are left to our wildest imaginations. The story told by the locals, claims that she wanted to attend a dance in town… he told her that if she went, he would kill her. He seemed to have fulfilled that promise, with a vengeance. He was a careless, fearless and dangerous man. The Bootlegger ran and was soon caught near Spencer and hauled to the jail in St. Anthony. Being locked up was nothing new for the bootlegger, he had hidden a jagged blade in his boot and in the night he sawed his way out and was on the run again. The bootlegger was never to be seen again.

In 1979, a family stumbled across the torso of a man, wrapped in burlap. It seemed to not be very old. It reeked with rot and there was an unbreakable chill in the air. Clark County opened a homicide investigation.

In 1991, a little girl finds a hand in the same cave. Investigators launch a excavation of the cave and they discover an arm and two legs wrapped in the same burlap material as the torso. Again, they seem to not be very old. Again, it reeked with rot and there was an distinguishable chill engulfing the cave.

In 2019, Chief Deputy Clements sought help from the DNA Doe Project, whom would assign forensic genealogist, Anthony Redgrave to work with the latest technology in DNA sequencing. Together with Clements and their team, they build a genealogical family tree, which leads to the discovery of two living grandchildren potentially related to the evasive bootlegger. Clements collects a DNA sample and it matches to the DNA found in the burlap sacks. The bootlegger, who allegedly murdered his wife in 1916, a common thief and hardened criminal, whom had vanished, went by the birth name of Joseph Henry Loveless.

In 2020, this discovery lead to mysterious, unexplainable and down right scary events, in and around the cave that Loveless’ burlap bags were located. The Sherriff’s office has responded to calls of terrified people calling into 911, only offering blood curling screams… reporting to be a traveler from out of town… down by the caves. When the Sherriff and his deputies arrive, there is no one around. One deputy swears that he has seen a man turn and run into the cave, followed by what seems to be the sound of some sort of metal… slamming into the walls. A lingering sound of a man… crying. It haunts him, the deputy says. He says at night… he hears finger nails scrape along the siding of his house. Voices talk to him. Other locals are coming forward, saying they are experiencing the same sort of things. One lady, the town calls her “the enlightened one”, claims that speaking the bootleggers name, has awoken his evil spirit and his rage has brought similar spirits to the area. In order to put a stop to the torment, we must find his head and give him a proper burial in his hometown, located in Utah. He is getting angrier, more violent and continues to wake up lost souls of Clark County.

Each experience will be different, purely dependent on you and your chosen path.

You shall arrive to Dubois, ID and as you pull off the interstate, you will be greeted with a dirt lot across from Ikes. This is where your adventure will begin and will end. As you wait, you will be delighted with a fire and the cowboy poet “Bob Jackson” whom will be telling stories of fright, as the flames dance in the eyes of fellow seekers. You will be pleased to find that we have harnessed great foods of the area, which are here to satisfy any hunger. You can consume your feast before or after, just not during your excursion to The Bootleggers Grave.

A bus shall arrive, right on time at the schedulers request. Other seekers will disperse from their adventure, making way for you to start yours. You will take a short ride through the town of Dubois. Keep a keen eye out for the evil zombies that were awoken by The Bootlegger. Our brave locals will arm you with necessary guns to blast these pesky spirits back to where they came from. The seeker will be randomly selected by the creep on the bus, our town is in desperate need of your help. You will be escorted to the end of town, where the cave system begins. You and your friends or family, will attempt to explore the various rooms throughout The Bootleggers Cave. Be prepared to walk through the horrors of our history, in an attempt to find clues, to help locate Joseph Loveless’ head. It will not be easy and there is no escape.

Each trip takes 30 minutes. 7.5 minutes to and from the cave, 15 minutes in the cave. Be there, no excuses will save you!